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Window Properties

When you open your browser, an instance of a window object is created, and that object's properties become available for your inspection or use. These properties are accessible using the formats shown in Figure 7-3.


Figure 7-3. Formats to reference window properties.

Window properties can be referenced with the prefix window or by using just the property name wherein the window prefix is assumed.

Common Window Properties

Below are shown common window object properties for setting or viewing. Properties are reported for the current window you are viewing using inline scripts in the format

document.getElementById("Output").innerHTML = window.property;
Property Description and Setting
innerHeigth The inner height of the browser window (not including toolbars/scrollbars)
  window.innerHeight =

innerWidth The inner width of the browser window (not including toolbars/scrollbars)
  window.innerWidth =

location Gets or sets the URL of the document in the window.
  window.location =

Figure 7-4. Common window properties.

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